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Three years ago when tragedy took the life of their 12-year-old daughter, Libby closed her heart to her husband Greg. Now she's decided that she's going to leave him when he returns from his annual trek into Quetico Provencial Park. The only problem with the plan is that Greg is a few days late returning from his wilderness journey. More than grief or worry, Libby is furious that whether by choice or by accident Greg has found a way to get out of their marriage before she did.

As she goes through the motions of filing a missing person's report and talking with authorities on both sides of the border, Libby weighs various scenarios. She can't picture her faithful-to-a-fault husband deciding to drive away from their home and vanish without a trace, but the distance has grown so far between them that it's not something she can automatically discount.

When Libby, her best friend, and her father-in-law decide they must go to Quetico themselves and retrace the voyageur route Greg had planned, they don't know what they will find, or if they will find anything at all. Libby doesn't know if she even wants to find Greg or what she'll say if she ever sees him again. But she knows this is a trip she has to make before she can move forward one way or another.

The depth of this book left me at a loss for words. Cynthia Ruchti writes with beautiful and lyrical maturity as she delves into loss, uncertainty, and pain in the human soul. I had no idea how this book would end, but the more I read the more I could not put it down. Thoroughly captivated, thoroughly touched. Cynthia is a can't-miss author in my estimation, with both her fiction and non-fiction. Highly recommended.

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