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What would you tell your younger self if you could travel back in time and change your biggest regrets? In this new release by James L. Rubart, main character Brock Matthews gets that chance. Brock is experimenting with lucid dreaming when he realizes that each encounter with himself in his dreams has changed his reality. Sometimes for the better, but sometimes his choices have far-reaching negative consequences.

Brock's biggest regrets are never bridging the gap in his relationship with his father, allowing competitive natures to come between himself and his brother even though they own a business together, and failing to cherish his wife and help her pursue her dreams. In the present his business is failing and his wife wants a separation. Is it possible he can change these things by convincing his younger self to make different choices?

This is an intriguing story with shades of "It's a Wonderful Life" woven in. The plot is constantly changing, as Brock's dreams affect everything from where he lives, to the woman he is married to, even to what he does for a living. It's quite a ride, and Brock often feels like he's flying blind, awaking to a new reality almost every day. He believes that these dreams are a gift from God to allow healing from this past and give him a second chance in the present, but what about when the changes he's made bring destruction to everyone around him? Maybe the key to living well in the present isn't about changing the past after all.

Several years ago I started a tradition during the Summer Olympic Games of writing a letter to the woman I was during the previous Summer Games. I've already been thinking about the upcoming Rio Olympics and the letter I want to write to the me who watched the 2012 Games in London. Of course I know that writing the letter doesn't change anything, but it is a nice way to think about each four-year period and what I've learned, how I've grown, and things that have changed. In some ways it allows me to release pain that has accrued and accept life as it is. Since "interacting" with myself in the past is something I already do, that made this novel that much more enjoyable and touching.

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